Customer Experience Centre at Aegon

Excellent integration of different data streams empowers UX researchers to make validated decisions! The new Customer Experience Centre, in short cXcentre, installed by Noldus at Aegon in The Hague, The Netherlands will enable Aegon to evaluate and discuss the accessibility and user-friendliness of their services. 

Presenting Aegon’s cXcentre

Noldus Information Technology is proud to have designed and installed this completely integrated, high-tech lab and has enjoyed working on this collaborative project with Aegon in The Netherlands. The brand new cXcentre allows Aegon to conduct in-depth interviews, client panels, eye tracking studies, and much more to optimize the customer journey through the services Aegon offers through its website and the Mijn Aegon App (My Aegon App). Even before its official opening, the cXcentre facilitated a number of customer experience research projects. 

Usability research at Aegon

An organization as prominent as Aegon sets ambitious goals. A usability researcher at Aegon has to advocate change. That is what this lab enables you to do: innovate! Be the driving force behind a new way of working. By testing different applications, Aegon improves the customer’s digital journey. In Aegon’s Customer Experience Studio new designs are developed to the highest standards. 

Customers come first

Customer feedback, explicit and implicit, is of utmost importance. The cXcentre’s warm and welcoming environment has been designed to feel just like your next door neighbor’s house. Invited customers can come in and discuss and evaluate the latest developments. The complete lab comprises of two rooms: One is fitted out as a living room where customers are invited to take part in experiments. In the other room, researchers can follow the test through a one-way-mirror.

Latest technologies

Aegon’s cXcentre is built on the ideal integration platform, The Observer® XT, and includes cutting-edge, innovative technologies. Noldus incorporated the latest eye tracking solution from Tobii – one of the market leaders in eye tracking worldwide – and IP cameras, microphones, Media Recorder, and screen capture technology. The IP cameras record every movement in the lab, and on the other side of the one-way mirror, researchers and stake holders can view the scene live. A high accuracy level is vital to high-quality results. Therefore, Noldus took care of centralized control and management where all devices can be started/stopped from one central room, allowing the UX specialists to shift focus to relevant behaviors.

All in all, the cXcentre focuses on user-centered design with the goal of enhancing the products and services that Aegon offers. The UX researchers at Aegon provide answers to a wide variety of research questions in the area of customer experience.

About Aegon

Aegon is one of the world's leading financial services organizations, providing life insurance, pensions and asset management. A publicly listed company, Aegon has A-level ratings from the three main credit rating agencies.