Portable labs

A Noldus portable lab is a user-friendly package, consisting of high quality components to guarantee excellent results. Using high quality equipment can save you valuable time in an on-site observation. And less time means earlier results against less cost!


Portable Viso Lab advanced setup two cameras psychology

Portable Observation Lab

Some phenomena are difficult to study in a lab, for example habits during a family dinner, or children in a classroom. In those cases, you can achieve the best results with live and on-site observation, using our compact portable lab. 

The complete lab weighs less than 11 kg (25 lbs) and is built into a rugged Carry On Case. Once you have arrived at the observation site, you can start working quickly! A Noldus portable lab is set up in under 10 minutes.


Portable Usability Lab

If you really want to know what happens at the workplace, study it on-site using this lab. You can make screen captures, record video, score tasks, usability hits, and context details. Using this equipment can save you valuable time in an on-site observation. And less time means earlier results against less cost!

The Portable Usability Lab is the complete solution for on-site usability testing. You can easily study human-computer interaction in your test participant’s workspace or office. Designed for easy transportation, our portable lab fits in one Carry On Case and can make all the difference in your behavioral research.

Portable Viso Lab advanced setup one camera and screen capture device ux

Ready to go: portable lab

Our portable lab contains all the equipment you need to make live behavioral recordings in a natural context, including a laptop and two video cameras.

Depending on your requirements, you can add Viso or The Observer®XT to your portable lab. Viso is the flexible, modular, and highly scalable solution for audio and video recording and playback that includes everything you need to train and educate students, examine interactions, or conduct high-quality research. 

The Observer XT is an excellent tool for observational studies, giving you maximum freedom in coding behavior. On-site you can record video with MediaRecorder. During or after the observation you can code the behaviors with The Observer XT; synchronicity is guaranteed.  

High quality components, modular design

A Noldus portable lab is built on a modular platform. Do you want to use additional equipment like a heart rate monitor or event-logging or special keyboard? We offer many devices you can add to the lab. Of course you can also add your own tools.