Measuring and analysing dispersal


Roel Potting and Felix Wäckers

(Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands and Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO), Heteren, The Netherlands)

The dispersal and movement behaviour of animals has a central role in modern ecology and is fundamental to many issues in applied ecology. The challenge of quantifying and understanding the mechanisms of dispersal is widely acknowledged. The measurement of dispersal and movement of free ranging animals has been a very difficult task. However, the rapid advancement of techniques to track animals, especially with regard to miniturasation and increasing capability at reduced cost, continually extends the limits of what can be achieved with established methods. These novel tracking techniques has enabled to measure dispersal of animals that were previously impossible to measure. This symposium will give a state of the art of techniques used to monitor and analyse animal movement and dispersal in the field at different spatial scales.

  • Roel Potting (Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands). Introduction.

Last updated: 19 October 2005