Synchronous recording of video and other sources


MediaRecorder offers you precision and flexibility in video recording, synchronization and the recording of rapidly occurring behaviors.

  • Easy to use

  • High quality recording of multiple videos

  • Compatible with The Observer® XT, EthoVision® XT, and a broad range of cameras


Record video fast and accurate

MediaRecorder offers you precision and flex­ibility in video recording, synchronization and the recording of rapidly occurring behaviors. It allows you to record videos files from one or up to eight cameras. 

For example, one can use it to record videos and then use EthoVision XT or The Observer XT to analyze these videos. MediaRecorder will store the files in a user specified location, allowing for easy retrieval. MediaRecorder is of interest to anyone who works with video. If you are considering generating video files to be used with EthoVision XT or The Observer XT, MediaRecorder will increase the value and ease-of-use of your complete solution.

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Flexible solution

MediaRecorder is compatible with a wide range of cameras based on today’s technologies, as well as with many analog systems. MediaRecorder can record from a range of selected USB cameras, analog cameras, IP cameras, GigE cameras, as well as screen capture devices. Depending on the cameras you can record up to eight video files simultaneously at full resolution, or at high speed of up to 100 frames per second. The timer includes seconds and milliseconds. 

Files can be stored separately or combined into one video file. For example, save eight separate video files to study a group of animals from eight different views for detailed behavioral observations with The Observer XT. Additionally, one can combine eight video streams in one file to track the movement and activity of animals in multiple arenas simulta­neously for offline data acquisition with EthoVision XT and the Multiple Arenas Module.

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