Synchronous recording of video and other sources


MediaRecorder offers you precision and flexibility in video recording and synchronization. It is the ideal recording tool that enables synchronous video recordings from up to eight different sources.

  • Easy to use

  • High quality recording of multiple videos

  • Compatible with The Observer® XT, FaceReader™, and a broad range of cameras

MediaRecorder - Human behavior research

Recording observations is essential

Because there is still so much to learn about early brain development, typical and atypical development, and understanding the mechanisms that drive typical and atypical development, it is very important to do research on this. At the Baby & Child Research Center (BRC) in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, researchers collect data with MediaRecorder to identify differences in behavior and brain development in young children.


Record video fast and accurate

MediaRecorder can be used with the newest state of the art video recording technology. It is compatible with a broad range of high-quality digital cameras based on today’s technologies, as well as analog systems. MediaRecorder can record with high resolution cameras up to 4K.

Using MediaRecorder, you can easily record the same scene from different angles and record with up to 8 cameras simultaneously. This makes recordings fast and accurate!

MediaRecorder classroom 4 cameras

Easy to operate

MediaRecorder is easy to operate which for example means that you can switch between different cameras and control them with your mouse or joystick. With IP cameras, Pan-Tilt-Zoom is possible: position the cameras precisely with a joystick or mouse (no additional hardware needed). 

For example, you can record classroom interaction and use MediaRecorder to combine the videos. The first camera is following the teacher and the other three cameras are following three children. The video cameras can be controlled with a joystick and recording can be started manually or another software package can be used to command the MediaRecorder. Also, it is possible to select a frame rate as low as 1 frame per second (fps) when filming slowly-moving subjects.


NEW: attention measurement options

Eye tracking delivers accurate and unbiased insights into how people truly interact with your advertisement, website, or new product. With help of MediaRecorder 6.5, you can measure your participants' attention using wearable Tobii Glasses. Besides, it can be used with multiple participants simultaneously. You can track and capture participants' gaze in real-time, seamlessly observing their natural behavior without any interference. In the lab, or outside the lab.

You can effortlessly initiate or end the recordings of the Tobii Glasses directly from The Observer XT if you combine it with MediaRecorder 6.5. This eliminates the need for manual operation of the wearables.

Tobii Glasses 3 male and female wearing eye trackers

Fully integrated

The key to synchronization is integration. Files recorded with MediaRecorder can be used in The Observer XT making it a fully integrated package. Once you have set up a project in The Observer XT, all data and video material are stored in one database and shown in one software application. It gives you complete control over video, and guarantees a frame accurate link with your data. By controlling the MediaRecorder from The Observer XT, you can manage all your data with one application. 

You can also start other tasks from The Observer XT, such as facial expression analysis with FaceReader. Additionally, the optimal video quality of MediaRecorder using very small compression, provides good results with the Remote Photoplethysmography (RPPG) in FaceReader.


Get extensive support & services

Achieve maximum return on your investment with NoldusCare. Protect your investment, guarantee project quality and continuity, and experience peace of mind. As a Noldus service we support you in your research with regular visits on site to discuss questions and needs. Moreover, we offer free technical support worldwide and 24/7.


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