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With the purchase of your software, you will receive your own personal MyNoldus account. Here you will discover numerous resources to support you in using the software.

  • Download your software

  • Have access to documentation

  • Easily contact support


Your software and MyNoldus

With the purchase of your software, you will receive your own personal MyNoldus account, so you can:

  • View the licenses you own

    The first thing you see when clicking on the download section, are the licenses you own as a registered user.

  • Download your software, drivers, and tools

    Quickly and easily follow the installation instructions to get your software going. The availability of your downloads is based on the software licenses owned by the registered user.

  • Have access to documentation

    On MyNoldus you’ll find Quick Start Guides, Reference Manuals, Technical Notes, White papers, application notes, and much more. Always up to date and at your disposal.

  • Contact our professional support

    Submit your support request or check the status of your current support cases with a click of the button.

  • Expand your knowledge and know-how

    Our resources enable you to make optimal use of your Noldus product(s) by exploring the in-depth articles from our Knowledge Base, blog posts, and webinars in Noldus Academy.

  • Access the FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) contains short questions and answer entries to the most commonly asked support questions.

  • Manage your account

    You can adjust settings and personal information yourself. Find the contact details of your Manager, and additional information like team members that are part of your team. Are you missing co-users in this list? Easily invite them to join.

  • Request a free trial or submit an idea

    Have an idea for a new feature or functionality? Tell our developers! Or perhaps you would like to try out another software product? Here’s your chance.


Customer quote

"I am continually impressed by the prompt and professional service and support you provide for us."

Prof. S. Campbell|Simon Fraser University, Canada


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