New solution for physiological research

17 October 2008

You can now use The Observer® XT with the g.MOBIlab or g.USBamp from g.tec to combine behavioral data with physiological data. We help you to build the right solution, consisting of The Observer and a Data Acquisition (DAQ) system. The Observer is set up to work with a broad range of equipment from several suppliers, like Polar Electric and Biopac Systems, Inc.

A powerful system for studying physiology in its behavioral context is created. g.MOBIlab is a biosignal acquisition system for EEG, ECG, EOG and other sensors. After recording, biosignal data such as respiration, ECG or Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) can be uploaded into The Observer XT for further analysis... For more information please contact us.

The experimental set-up: combine the g.tec amplifiers with The Observer XT - An experimental set-up consists of two computers. One is used to run The Observer XT and to create a new observation project and a second one is needed to run g.MOBIlab Highspeed On-line Processing for Simulink on, to read in the biosignal data and to view the biosignals. The Observer XT is performing the synchronization of the biosignal with The Observer XT events. After the recording session the biosignal data such as respiration, ECG and Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) can be loaded into The Observer XT for further off-line analysis.