Noldus software contributes to aviation safety

20 October 2008

Together with 40 European partners, Noldus works on the HILAS project (Human Integration into the Lifecycle of Aviation Systems). Within the framework of this project experiments were successfully completed at the Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory. A photo special in ‘de Volkskrant’: GRACE keeps an eye on everything: from heart to pupil, gives a great insight into the experiments.

GRACE (Generic Research Aircraft Cockpit Environment) is a state-of-the-art flight simulator. Everything the pilots do is monitored: the slightest movement or change in heartbeat, Grace notices it!

HILAS project

HILAS is concerned with safety in aviation. Analysis of accident data has shown that for 70% of aircraft accidents, human error on the flight deck is cited as the primary cause. In a further 15% of accidents human error on the flight deck is cited as a contributory cause. Deficiencies in maintenance are estimated to be involved in 12% of major accidents, and 50% of engine-related flight delays.

It is clear that methods and technologies, which are targeted at reducing, capturing or mitigating human error, can provide a major step toward a reduction in the accident rate. This is what HILAS tries to achieve. Within the project, The Observer XT is one of the main tools for the analysis of pilot behavior and physiology in flight simulators.