New solution for sequential analysis

17 October 2008

A great connection has been made between The Observer and GSEQ for Windows. GSEQ (General Sequential Querier) is a really nice addition to the analysis you can do with The Observer. With GSEQ you don’t need complex statistical software to get a bit more information out of your observational data.

GSEQ for Windows, developed by Roger Bakeman and Vicenc Quera, is a program devised for sequential analysis. It reads compiled SDIS files and provides a variety of sequential statistics, including tables of lag frequencies, chi-squares, and adjusted residuals. Several kinds of data modifications are permitted, including recording, lumping, chaining, time-windowing, and removing of behavioral codes. GSEQ can export results for further analyses using SPSS, BMDP, ILOG, etc.

Users interact with GSEQ by a specific language. By using ObsTxtSds, a converter program, you can easily convert observational data from The Observer into this specific language: SDIS language. SDIS is a language for describing sequential data as obtained thru observations.


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