Noldus announces the neXT generation of observation software: The Observer XT

22 April 2005

Wageningen - The Observer product family will soon have a new member:
The Observer XT. The Observer XT is a new tool for behavioral observation and analysis. The product opens up new roads, such as the integration of physiology, gradually building coding schemes, multiple videos, hierarchical coding, comment-only logging, importing events from other systems. There is an integrated visualization of behavior, videos and physiology, even from multiple observations at once.

In the development of the software the user’s voice has been our guiding principle. During the years of preparation and development our people visited dozens of labs and talked to hundreds of researchers from many disciplines. Users and non-users commented on prototypes, and field tests were carried out by expert and novice users.

As a result, The Observer was redesigned from scratch. Ease of use and transparency were top priorities. We simplified the user interface dramatically, and made sure that the coding scheme can be edited on the fly. Even while scoring, new elements can be added. All parts of the program are integrated, so you can navigate between all functions. Getting started is quick and easy: after opening the program for the first time, you can be observing in six mouse clicks.