PhenoTyper candy jars to celebrate a thousand PhenoTypers sold

12 December 2014


A thousand PhenoTypers have found their way to labs all over the world. Something to celebrate! For this occasion, mini PhenoTypers filled with custom-made chocolate candy were handed out to some of the researchers that played a key role in the development and validation of these instrumented home cages for rodents. Lucas Noldus, founder and managing director of Noldus Information Technology, personally handed out some of candy jars at this year's Society for Neuroscience annual meeting.

PhenoTyper candy jar Stacey Rizzo
Dr. Stacey Sukoff Rizzo from The Jackson Laboratory received the candy jar from Lucas Noldus to celebrate the 1000th PhenoTyper finding its way to their lab at the Mouse Neurobehavioral Core.
PhenoTyper candy jar Alicia Brantley Faruzzi
Dr, Alicia Faruzzi Brantley from the Behavioral Core at The Scripps Research Institute also received a candy jar to honor their big collection of PhenoTypers.