PhenoTyper product range extended with lickometer

10 April 2008

Wageningen - Today we announce the release of a new extension of our PhenoTyper product range: the lickometer. Although the Noldus lickometer works as a stand-alone product, it is specifically designed for use with PhenoTyper.

The Noldus lickometer detects any change in capacitance between the spout of the water bottle and the metal plate attached to an electronic box. A change in capacitance only occurs when either a rat or a mouse makes contact with the spout. This technology differs from conventional lickometer technology where the animal becomes part of an electrical circuit that involves a current flow passing through the animal.

Each individual contact is registered and sent to EthoVision where the data is integrated with behavioral data extracted from video that has been simultaneously acquired with PhenoTyper.

EthoVision calculates the timing and frequency of drinking behavior, and in case PhenoTyper is equipped with more than one water bottle and corresponding lickometer, preference for a substance or avoidance learning can be determined.

Together with the behavioral data extracted from video, EthoVision allows integrated analysis of activity, place preference, exploration, ciradian rhythmicity, and drinking behavior.

PhenoTyper home cage assessment
PhenoTyper offers a novel methodological approach for conducting behavioral research with laboratory rodents. Instead of having a test environment separate from the animal's home cage, PhenoTyper offers a home cage environment in which various behavioral paradigms can be fully automated without human presence. When multiple PhenoTyper units run simultaneously, behavioral assessment can take place with much higher levels of standardization, productivity, and refinement than with conventional methodology.

Noldus Information Technology
Noldus Information Technology is a leading developer of software tools and integrated solutions for behavioral research. Technologies include video tracking, observational data collection, physiological data acquisition, and advanced data analysis. With global headquarters in Wageningen, The Netherlands, the company operates from offices across Europe, the United States, and via a worldwide network of distributors.