SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) and Noldus Information Technology combine eye tracking and video analysis

26 June 2000

Wageningen - Noldus Information Technology today announced that it has formed a partnership with SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI), a leading manufacturer of eye tracking technology. This collaboration entails the joint use of the synergetic expertise of SMI in eye tracking and gaze analysis within human factors and perception research environments and Noldus' experience in behavioral observation and video analysis, the joint promotion of complementary products in order to offer professionals in the field of usability research a complete and efficient solution, and combined sales support to ensure competent technology service."SensoMotoric Instruments is a leading provider of eye tracking technology and has gained an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of top-quality equipment. As a well-established player in the field, they know very well how professionals work and what sort of system is needed. At Noldus we have a lot of experience in the design and development of observational research and video analysis software. Our joint experience in application requirements allows us to deliver state-of-the-art systems with gaze recording and analysis for professionals in areas such as psychology, market research and ergonomics. Noldus Information Technology is committed to further expand its position as a solutions provider by partnering with complementary industry leaders, like SensoMotoric Instruments" said Lucas Noldus, Managing Director at the company's international headquarters.Winfried Teiwes, Managing Director of SensoMotoric Instruments, remarked that "an increasing interest and need exists for a reliable and easy-to-use evaluation and analysis system of visual perception by gaze tracking, which can be used complementary to other behavioral observations. This requires an understanding of environmental conditions to provide the right equipment and offer an appropriate analysis suited for the needs in the application. SMI focuses on understanding our clients' application and providing an appropriate solution. Therefore, we use our expertise in eye tracking and gaze analysis to consult our clients in selecting the right system setup, accompanied by competent support. This collaboration emphasizes our interest in providing such solutions to cover the increasing expectations of our clients and to use our joint competencies, which will lead to more success for our clients and our companies."Noldus Information Technology, founded in 1989, develops software for computer-aided observation, recording and analysis of human and animal behavior. The company's software packages run on PCs, interfaced with audio/video equipment, thus forming integrated data acquisition and data analysis systems. The products enable researchers and practitioners to improve the quality of their data and to save valuable time. Daimler Chrysler, British Aerospace, Deutsche Telekom, Hewlett Packard and Ericsson are just a few of the companies using systems from Noldus. The company operates from offices in Wageningen (The Netherlands), Freiburg (Germany) and Sterling (VA, USA). Sales and customer support are facilitated by a worldwide network of distributors and resellers.SensoMotoric Instruments, founded in 1991 by a group of scientist and clinicians, is based in Teltow (Germany) and Needham (MA, USA). SMI develops leading edge eye tracking technology and adapts it to the specific needs of applications in various markets. SMI's product and service spectrum ranges from systems for efficient clinical diagnosis of eye movement and high-level equipment for research in areas such as psychology, neurology, ergonomics and market research to customized OEM supply and integration services for industrial applications. SMI delivers top-quality systems to leading medical and research institutions (e.g. UCLA, NASA, Johns Hopkins University, Oxford University, Max Planck Institutes) as well as into industrial markets (i.e. Sony, EuroControl, Xerox).Combined systems from Noldus and SensoMotoric Instruments are already running at EuroControl, the University of Göttingen, TNO Human Factors and the Risø National Laboratory in Denmark.