Noldus and Sylics combine forces for automated behavioral screening

21 October 2015

Wageningen, The Netherlands - Noldus Information Technology recently signed a strategic partnership agreement with Sylics, a contract research organization based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With both companies providing innovative solutions for preclinical neuroscience, this partnership opens up new opportunities for integrated and automated behavioral screening for scientists worldwide.

Noldus ends 25th anniversary with special symposium

12 October 2015

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Noldus Information Technology. After a year filled with exciting events, a special symposium on October 1 marked the end of the celebrations.

The anniversary symposium was dedicated to measuring behavior and included renowned Dutch speakers and topics related to the various markets Noldus has operated in since its start in 1989.

University of Latvia selects DriveLab

29 May 2015

University of Latvia’s Department of Psychology recently selected the Noldus DriveLab system to conduct their studies on driving behavior, with a focus on the influence of distractions on driving behavior. To study distractions, they needed to conduct eye tracking on participants during driving tasks in the simulator. DriveLab was the obvious choice, as it allows researchers to automate, synchronize, and combine simulator data, eyetracking data, behavioral data and other data in real time.

Interview: New Simulation Debrief & Audiovisual Solution - scalable to your needs

16 April 2015

Recently, Niek Wilmink (portfolio manager and AV specialist at Noldus Information Technology), released the latest version of the AV/ debriefing solution Viso – the multi-room, multi-video recording suite. I interviewed him about the many benefits and uses of the Noldus audiovisual recording and playback system for improving simulation and training sessions.

Noldus unveils new tools for behavioral testing of rodent models of autism

14 April 2015

Annual EU-AIMS meeting, Paris, France

At the annual meeting of EU-AIMS in Paris, Noldus Information Technology presented a new suite of tools for behavioral testing of rodent models of autism. In EU-AIMS, academia, pharmaceutical industry, SMEs and patient organizations have joined forces to find new methods for the development of drugs for autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Prof. Berry Spruijt says goodbye

10 April 2015

(But not really goodbye)

On Friday the 10th of April, Berry Spruijt and his family and friends looked back on his career at a symposium organized in his honor. Although he will now retire from his work at Utrecht University, Spruijt made it clear that he is not ready to say goodbye. It is a merely another point in his career, and this symposium was a great opportunity to reunite with former colleagues and old friends.

Measuring emotions! Seminar

23 March 2015

On Thursday, 12 February 2015, the seminar Measuring emotions! was held in the beautiful Frans Hals Museum situated in the historical city center of Haarlem, The Netherlands. The seminar attracted about 30 delegates from several universities and companies, who all flocked together for an inspiring talk by Ann Demeester, director of the Frans Hals Museum; the four presentations about emotion research; and a very interesting tour through the museum’s exhibition, Up Close and Personal.