Powerful and flexible software for behavioral observation and video analysis

25 May 2011

Offering you a complete solution for behavioral observations, the latest release of Noldus' The Observer XT coding and analysis software is now available. Inspired by you, we fine-tuned The Observer® XT to be faster, easier, and more reliable.

Noldus identified the needs and wishes of The Observer XT users, resulting in a mature product with an improved design. It is so easy to work with that you will save valuable time working with this efficient software.

Celebrating the 100th FaceReader license

29 March 2011

Researchers worldwide are now working with FaceReader - the unique software for the automatic analysis of facial expressions. This software is used in a wide range of research disciplines including Human – Computer Interaction, Experimental Psychology, Market Research, Consumer Behavior, and Education. The 100th software license was bought by Dr. Kimberley McClure, Department of Psychology, Western Illinois University. To celebrate this successful product introduction, Noldus Information Technology has given Dr.

Noldus webshop open for customers in Continental Europe

13 December 2010

Online shopping has become more and more popular with a broad audience. Companies can now make the buying process easier for their customers by offering an online channel that is 100% transparent and available 24 hours a day. Recently, Noldus opened a webshop for users of Noldus products in Continental Europe – This is an important first step in providing a webshop that will be available to people all over the world.