News 1993/1999

EthoVision for Windows: A milestone in video tracking!

31 December 1999

Wageningen - Noldus Information Technology today announced the release of EthoVision, version 2.0 for Windows, a major upgrade of its premier video tracking system for automatic measurement of movements and behavior. To create EthoVision for Windows, the 14-member development team has completely redesigned and rewritten the original EthoVision software, resulting in a robust 32-bit application optimized for Windows 95, 98 and NT.

A new educational tool for Dutch students in psychology

7 November 1999

Wageningen - Learn the Fundamentals of Behavioral Observation (available in The Netherlands and in Dutch only) 

The Observer Student Edition 

Once the design of a behavioral research project has been well considered, doing the actual research can be a very stimulating activity. This is the thought behind a new educational tool for behavioral research, resulting from a cooperation between the publisher Wolters-Noordhoff and Noldus Information Technology. This package includes two books:

Lucas Noldus krijgt ondernemersprijs Wagenings Universiteitsfonds

9 March 1999

Wageningen - Dr. Lucas Noldus, oprichter en directeur van Noldus Information Technology in Wageningen krijgt de Ondernemersprijs 1999 van het Wagenings Universiteitsfonds. De uitreiking vindt plaats op 9 maart tijdens de viering van de 81e dies natalis (verjaardag) van de Landbouwuniversiteit. Deze prijs wordt elke vier jaar uitgereikt aan een Wageningse wetenschapper die bewezen heeft een goed ondernemer te zijn. Lucas Noldus heeft als ondernemer volgens de jury op creatieve wijze een specifieke markt weten te ontwikkelen en een economisch levensvatbaar bedrijf gesticht.

BMP DDB signs deal for the development of software to track consumer behavior

14 January 1999

Nottingham - Noldus Information Technology and Tracksys Ltd, their UK distributor, have signed a contract with London-based BMP DDB Ltd to develop specialized software which will enable the real-time recording of consumers’ behavior in a retail environment. This is a new and exciting venture for all three companies as it will be the first commercially available system which can record consumer behavior on a large scale.

Noldus is ready for the Euro

4 January 1999

Wageningen - Now that the exchange rates between the Euro and the other currencies in the European Monetary Union have been finalized, Noldus Information Technology's policy towards the Euro goes into immediate effect. For our customers this has the following implications, depending on the Noldus office you do business with: 
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