The Best Behavioral Blog Reads of 2017

Wednesday, 27 December, 2017

As we near the end of 2017, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on some of our most read blog posts of the year. The 11 blog posts listed below span a variety of topics that are sure to intrigue you… check them out! To quote author Dr. Seuss, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”

Animal and Neuroscience blogs

1. “Gait Recovery and other effects of Early vs. Delayed treatment of Cervical Myelopathy”

  • Want to learn more about how CatWalk XT can detect whether or not a surgery is beneficial? Read about how Dr. Pia Vidal and her colleagues sought to discover what exactly causes delayed surgeries to have lower success rates here.

2. “Flower Preference in Solitary Bees”

  • What are Mason bees, and why do people make hotels for them? Read about how Tibor Bukovinszky and colleagues investigated  how the bees’ foraging behavior affect their offspring using Pocket Observer and The Observer XT.

3. “Isolated and Stressed Zebrafish as a model for Major Depression”

  • Depression is not easy to model in animals, but Dr. Robert Gerlai and colleagues gained insight from using EthoVision XT to track both socially reared fish and fish reared in isolation. Find out more about their work here!

4. “Brain & Behavior: Data integration in Horse Studies”

  • Have you ever heard of a headset for horses? Hugo Cousillas and colleagues developed such a headset in order to more easily obtain EEG data in an unobtrusive manner. Read about how they used Media Recorder and The Observer XT to synchronize behavioral and EEG data here.

5. “Tracking Chickens: A promising approach for identifying Feather-Peckers”

  • Chickens don’t typically wear backpacks, but they occasionally do in the name of science! Read about how researchers from Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO) in Belgium used EthoVision XT and TrackLab to analyze  whether or not ultra-wideband tracking systems affect chicken behavior. 


Human behavior blogs

6. “Three examples of nurse-patient interaction research”

  • Video recordings of nurse-patient interaction can be used in a variety of settings in order to provide clinical research data – take a look at how they helped to unravel complex behavior patterns in nursing homes, consultations, and tailored activity programs in hospitals. 

7. “The Impact of Sounds on Autistic Children’s Behaviors”

  • Loud sounds can distract just about anyone, but acoustic environments are particularly significant in impacting autistic children’s behaviors. Read about how Shireen Kankari used The Observer XT to study how noise levels affect repetitive speech and motor movement in a classroom setting.

8. “The Emotions of People who think they’re nice”

  • Would you rate yourself as ‘nice?’ Find out how researchers at i2 media research used FaceReader to match participants’ facial expressions to their emotions and determine whether or not ‘nice’ people really show fewer negative emotions.

Events and Conferences

The sheer number of scientific events organized worldwide can be overwhelming – check out our extensive lists spanning Europe, North America, and Asia and Oceania for details about interesting conferences and meetings!

9. “The Ultimate List of Neuroscience Conferences in 2017

10. “The Ultimate List of Neuroscience Conferences in 2018

11. “Upcoming Zebrafish Conferences in 2018”

  • Given the starring role zebrafish often have in behavioral research, it is no surprise that there are conferences all over the world dedicated to them… check them out here!
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 We may have come to the end of our list, but there will be plenty more interesting news and research updates coming your way in 2018! With that in mind, Happy New Year from Noldus and the Behavioral Research Blog blogging team!

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