Noldus in the Press

February 2019
Het moederbrein? [in Dutch] 

April 2018
Noldus verdient Mijlpaal: helemaal zonder gas [in Dutch]

March 2018
Emotie lezen bij een aangezichts spier verlamming met FaceReader in "Je zal het maar hebben" (in Dutch)

December 2017
FaceReader in Le 1945: Quand l’intelligence artificielle s’emploie…

Emotion Detection and Recognition Market Top Player 2017 - Noldus Information Technolgy, Affectiva, Kairos AR, nViso and Others

March 2017
People think they're nicer than they actually are, study finds

You're not as nice as you think you are. But the implications of niceness are mind-blowing, researchers find.

It pays to be nice

Scientists are gauging how mood influences eating habits

Science Has Deemed Resting Bitch Face A Legit Thing

February 2017
Beloften over innovatie staan ver af van de praktijk (in Dutch)

December 2016
Pregnancy resculpts women’s brains for at least 2 years

Optogenetics Market Key Players - Bruker, Addgene, Thomas RECORDING GmbH, Thorlabs, Noldus, Gensight, Regenxbio, Cobalt, Inc , Coherent, Inc. , Forecast 2027

Consortium voor technologie en kennis gepersonaliseerd voedingsadvies (in Dutch)  

November 2016
Do I look unhappy? Maybe it's because I've got RBF

Ondernemers bepalen de toekomst van de sport (in Dutch)

Assessing the Behavior of Lab Animals: Advances in cage design and monitoring software allow the collection of more realistic data

October 2016
Pacing, Pointing, Poise, and Potency

Autofabrikant en winkelier peilen gezichten en emotions [in Dutch]

January 2016
Financieel Dagblad: Lucas Noldus - role model [in Dutch]

July 2015
FaceReader featured in 'Dicht op de huid': a report by the Rathenau Instituut about Facial Expression Analysis in The Netherlands. [in Dutch]

April 2015
How to influence taste - Katja's body scan featuring FaceReader and Restaurant of the Future (in Dutch)

October 2014
Using brain signals to read emotions - Arnon Grunberg in the tv show Nieuwsuur (in Dutch)

The GrunbergLab - featured on (in Dutch)

TNO present the GrunbergLab. FaceReader will be used to measure facial expressions (in Dutch)

August 2014
Turkish presidential elections TRT publicity speech facial expression analysis - FaceReader featured on the FaceReader analysis blog

July 2014
Just an expression: UT professors lead facial analysis project - FaceReader featured in the Knoxville News Sentinel

March 2014
Interview in NRC Newspaper with Peter Lewinski about software that recognizes 6 basic emotions - FaceReader (in Dutch)

January 2014
Interview with Lucas Noldus and DriveLab featured in De Ondernemer, page 12 (in Dutch)

November 2013
Arnon Grunberg experiment in the media

September 2013
FaceReader for neuromarketing - read the interview with Peter Lewinski PhD Candidate, Marie Curie Research Fellow in Neuromarketing Theory & Practice (

December 2012
FaceReader used to analyze TV commercials - the most annoying one works as well as the most liked one!

October 2012
VP debate analyzed using FaceReader on ABC News

FaceReader featured on CNN - Software reads candidates faces

Radio interview about FaceReader - how to analyze emotional responses in political debates (in Dutch)

The Observer XT in Pavlov (in Dutch)

September 2011
Noldus' role in neuroscience featured in Financieel Dagblad (in Dutch)

July 2011
Inside the minds of mice and men. Noldus' products featured in Nature (475)

Scoring Elephant behavior with The Observer XT featured in The New York Times 

March 2011
LAPS - Lab Animals Product Showcase

September 2010
Measuring Behavior conference featured on Dutch Button Works (in Dutch)

September 2009
The Restaurant of the Future featured in Automatisering Gids (in Dutch)  

May 2009
The Restaurant of the Future: A Living Lab featured on National Public Radio (NPR)

April 2009
FaceReader and Inside Consumer Experience featured in ELSEVIER VOEDINGSMIDDELEN INDUSTRIE, a Dutch magazine for management in the food industry (in Dutch) 

FaceReader™ "Computer, How do I feel today?" featured in de Volkskrant, a leading Dutch newspaper (in Dutch)  

January 2009
Inside Consumer Experience, FaceReader, and The Observer® XT featured in VMT magazine (in Dutch)

October 2008
The Observer XT and FaceReader™ featured in Secrets of Body Language on the History channel  - Video

The HILAS project and Noldus Information Technology were covered in de Volkskrant, a leading Dutch newspaper (in Dutch) 

September 2008
Restaurant of the Future and Noldus software featured on USA Today 

Restaurant of the Future and Noldus software featured on

November 2007
Restaurant of the Future featured in The New York Times

October 2007 
FaceReader™: software detects and analyzes facial expressions on

The Restaurant of the Future featured in Trouw. "Red lettuce, blue snacks. Why do we eat what we eat? And do we eat different when the boss is around?"

Juni 2007
FaceReader™ featured on [in Dutch].  

July 2006
Volautomatich muizen volgen in het NRC Handelsblad. "Full automatic mouse tracking: When the scientist sleeps, the computer tracks the nocturnal animals. How a scientist starts a successfull company."