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Protect your valuable investment with NoldusCare. Our service is fast, reliable, and available worldwide. Upon purchase, you can subscribe to our NoldusCare program, offering you valuable extras.

  • The latest software upgrades and updates

  • Extended warranty on your hardware

  • Express personal support within 24 hours


Customer quote

"I really like the customer service and support Noldus Information Technology provides to their customers. It's excellent."

Dr. S. Shams|University of Toronto, Canada


What you can expect from NoldusCare

Maintenance and support is vital to any product, especially when you and your colleagues rely on the products on a daily basis. That's why NoldusCare offers you:

  • The latest software upgrades and updates

    You will receive the latest version of the software. This version includes new features and/or new functionalities, based on input from our worldwide customer base. Updates, upgrades and new releases are available for free.  Feel free to plan an update meeting, where you can discuss new features with a Noldus consultant.

  • Extended warranty on your hardware

    Quick repair or replacement, free of charge. When hardware breaks down due to defective materials or workmanship, we will repair or replace it. It is as simple as that. You can continue your project as soon as possible.

  • Express personal support

    Within 24 hours you will receive a personal and useful answer to your question. Our worldwide Support staff is highly qualified and available via e-mail, phone, Teams and team viewer meetings.

  • Flexible subscription time

    Your NoldusCare contract can range from 2 to 5 years. The choice is yours. The longer the contract term, the better the value for money.

  • Free access to Noldus webinars

    Every month new webinars become available for you for free to enjoy and learn from. Including a Q&A session with our experienced consultants.

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