Achieve maximum return on your investment


Achieve maximum return on your investment with NoldusCare. Our service is fast, reliable, and available worldwide. When buying a new system, subscription for the first year is offered to you for free.

  • Protect your investment

  • Guaranteed project quality and continuity

  • Experience peace of mind


What you can expect from NoldusCare

Maintenance and support is vital to any product, especially where you and your colleagues rely on the products on a daily basis.

  • You will receive a personal and useful answer to your question. Our worldwide Support staff is ready and highly qualified. Call, skype, join a team viewer meeting or communicate via email with our experienced support engineers.
  • You will receive the latest version of the software. This version always includes new features and new functionality, based on input from our worldwide customer base. Updates, upgrades and new releases are available for free.  As well as update meetings, where you can discuss new features with a Noldus consultant.
  • You will receive extended warranty on your hardware. Quick repair or replacement, free of charge. When hardware breaks down due to defective materials or workmanship, we will repair or replace it. It is as simple as that. You can continue your project as soon as possible.

NoldusCare is subject to the Support and Maintenance Agreement, a copy of which is available on request.


Customer quote

"I really like the customer service and support Noldus Information Technology provides to their customers. Its excellent."

Dr. S. Shams|University of Toronto, Canada


What others say

We are eager for you to get the best from Noldus too and accordingly we offer NoldusCare which enables you to protect and improve upon your investment. Read what others say about NoldusCare:

  • " Most importantly however, the level of support anad service has been invaluable and definitely a key point of difference for a product in this space (especially for research which requires various customization)" [Dr. N. Kim-McCormack, Australia]
  • “Would also like to say thanks for the excellent support I have gotten from Rolf Leurink in the weeks before Christmas.” [Mr. Ofstad, Norway]
  • "I think the support staff is exceptional. They are very available and knowledgeable and make the difference between a complex, expensive software program that sits on your shelf in a box, and one that is an integral part of your research methodology” [Dr. A. Pos, Canada]
  • “My technical support was excellent, and there was never a problem getting a response" [Dr. C. Smeraski, USA]
  • "The response time for questions is fast. The personal contact is very good" [Dr. G. Knudsen, Norway]
  • "Great experience. A single email immediately solved a problem that I had been working on for days” [Dr. D. Morgan, USA]
  • "The technical support and product knowledge of Noldus' staff is superior and platinum standard. Their commitment to helping customers troubleshoot software and hardware problems and their persistance in making sure a solution is found, is the reason labs like my own go to them for software and hardware" [Dr. S. Bonasera, USA].

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