Your data in a heartbeat


What if there was one platform to control, calibrate & monitor all behavioral data streams at once? To start recordings and visualize all synchronized results from multiple participants from one place?

  • Clean and easy to use interface

  • Synchronization from the start 

  • Powerful data visualizations


Introducing NoldusHub

In order to understand a person’s motivation and emotional state, multimodal research is the way forward! NoldusHub is an all-in-one platform for human behavior studies, designed to save time and easily achieve trustworthy high-quality measurements and direct insights. 

Whether you’re an experienced behavioral researcher or a first-time user: NoldusHub is the platform for everyone. Discover how NoldusHub benefits your research, and why it is the best multimodal platform for you to use, now and in the future.


Multimodal research made easy

Combining multiple types of measurements can be quite challenging, especially when you use several acquisition tools that have to be calibrated and started.

From setting up to connecting all devices, from recording to visualizing in a clear way, NoldusHub makes multimodal research easy. The entire process is organized and streamlined into one platform, from start to end, saving you valuable time and effort.

Multimodal research made easy with NoldusHub
Multimodal research made easy with NoldusHub  

Failproof thanks to the system heartbeat

When you are recording multiple data streams at once, you need all of them to be in sync. But how do you know they are? Thanks to the system heartbeat of NoldusHub, you can monitor all the status of all connected devices in real-time. 

If anything is amiss, you will receive a notification during the session. No surprises afterwards, but an immediate warning if an issue arises.

NoldusHub system heartbeat warns you when a device has no connection

Validated insights and transparent data

NoldusHub creates validated insights based on the experimental data (during both the recording and afterwards). For example: we have integrated a model that provides facial expression analysis. NoldusHub offers the user full access to all the data gathered. If it is recorded, it’s accessible. 


Interested in NoldusHub?

NoldusHub is under continuous development, based on market and user feedback. Are you curious to find out how NoldusHub works and if it's suitable for your research? Contact us now, we'll be happy to answer any questions, or give a demonstration of NoldusHub so you can see it in action.


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