Data collection with NoldusHub

NoldusHub is the all-in-one platform for multimodal research, designed to save time and easily achieve trustworthy high-quality measurements and direct insights.

Which data can be collected using NoldusHub?

Combining multiple types of measurements can be quite challenging, especially when you use several acquisition tools that have to be calibrated and started. NoldusHub® simplifies this process.

NoldusHub is at the heart of your data collection. The platform collects data from a webcam, eye-tracking device and several physiological devices. With these, you can measure a variety of signals and behavioral input.

NoldusHub is the all-in-one research solution for human behavior studies. Streamline your multimodal research from start to finish and get high-quality data and insights into human behavior.

  • Simplifying multimodal research

  • Automated data collection and synchronization

  • Easy overview and access to projects and data streams


Facial expressions


Basic expressions can be analyzed, such as happy, sad, angry, and surprised, as well as a neutral state. In addition, the mental states interest, boredom, and confusion can be measured.

Gaze overlay and fixation

Stationary eye tracker

Observe the test participant’s gaze on a computer screen to get rich, quantitative, and reliable data for attention, mental load, and arousal.

news flash webinar woman laptop headphone

noldushub heart rate hand light  

Heart rate (HR) and Interbeat interval (IBI)

Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Photoplethysmography (PPG) 

Detect changes in physiological measures and find out whether a test participant is active, or excited or scared. Choose ECG or the less invasive PPG, depending on your research needs.

Skin conductance peak rate

Electro dermal activity (EDA)

By measuring skin conductance peak rate, a physiological response not under conscious control of the participant, you get an indication of psychological arousal. For instance, whether a person is anxious or startled by a trigger.


Audio & video


Postures, movements, nonverbal and verbal behavior - all can be observed to get a complete insight into the participants behavior, responses, and motivations.

Screen capture

Screen capture software

See which images, video, or website the participant is watching during a test.

Event marking

Research leader station

You can mark events of interest during or after the recordings, using a self-created markerlist.

Data collection with NoldusHub (system heartbeat in action)  

NoldusHub Core Setup with measurements

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