Extending your lab

A combination of physiological and behavioral data can provide you with essential information that will help you to further understand and explain your participants’ behaviors. A variety of additional data such as information from movement sensors, physiological data, eye tracking data, and more can easily be integrated into your custom Noldus solution.

Facial expression analysis

Combine observational data with automatic recordings of FaceReader™. It is the complete facial expressions analysis software, which enables you to automatically analyze facial expressions: happy, sad, scared, disgusted, surprised, and angry, as well as neutral and contempt. The software immediately analyzes your data, saving valuable time.

Spatial behavior analysis

What movements does a child make? How often is the child walking to his or her parent? And how does the parent react to that? TrackLabTM software will answer these questions by analyzing spatial behavior. TrackLab software will automatically track people when they carry out activities in the rooms, via a simple transponder.

Eye tracking

Certain questions require knowing where the subject is looking, in order to fully answer. Where does a child look at when he or she is watching a movie on a tv screen? What is it that triggers the intention? These are just two examples of how adding an eye tracker to an observational lab can substantially increase the power of data collected. This advanced technology measures for example visual attention and cognitive state.

Physiological measurements

Measuring and adding physiological responses to observed behavior opens a whole new view. For example, Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) can be measured as an additional data point when placed in a potentially stressful situation. The recorded physiological responses can be linked to cognitive load, and will also need to be in sync with video and audio. Using the Observer XT, all data streams can be recorded synchronously, and viewed in sync afterwards to quickly evaluate the data.