The Observer XT


Two modules to extend the Base version

The Base version of The Observer XT allows for study setup, coding scheme design, live coding, offline editing, general analysis, reliability & lag sequential analysis, and presentation of behavioral data. Depending on your research needs, you can extend this basic system with two modules:

  • Media Module - For playback of video files and/or audio files on one timeline.
  • External Data Module – Combine external data (collected with data acquisition systems) on one timeline in The Observer XT. Then analyze external data and behavioral data all together.

using a keyboard mouse clicks hand

uLog: the tool for user-system interaction

uLog automatically records user-system interactions. To avoid misuse, uLog shows an icon to inform the user that keyboard logging is active. 

  • Keystrokes, special keys (e.g. space bar), key combinations 
  • Characters, text strings
  • Mouse clicks, double clicks, mousewheel turns 
  • Windows activated, message box activated
  • Applications started or ended

uLog’s functionality is fully integrated into The Observer XT. Starting and stopping of event logging is automatically synchronized with other observational data, and the event log is imported into your The Observer XT project without any additional steps. Combine uLog data with video or screen captures to complete your lab setup.


uASQ: the questionnaire tool 

uASQ enhances The Observer XT with direct feedback from your test participant during a live observation. It enables you to ask your test participant three different types of questions: open ended, multiple choice, and Likert scale. 

In The Observer XT you can easily select data for analysis: for example filter by choosing only test participants who agreed with a certain statement. Both Likert Scale questions and Multiple Choice questions can be analyzed quickly and easily in The Observer XT. 

  • Combine video and event data with a participant survey
  • Collect quantitative and qualitative data
  • Analyze data quickly and easily in The Observer XT
uASQ screenshot

Eprime screenshot The Observer XT 

Stimulus presentation tool E-Prime

To present stimuli to your test participants, you can use E-Prima in combination with The Observer XT. E-Prime is the stimulus presentation program widely used in psychological research. 

E-Prime sends the collected data to The Observer XT immediately after the session. The collected data is then visualized as behaviors and modifiers in The Observer XT; including the time at which the stimulus was given, which stimulus it was, and how the participant responded to the stimulus. 

If you want to use The Observer XT in combination with for example FaceReader, an eye tracker, E-Prime and physiological data, this new solution is perfect for you!