The Observer XT

New in the latest release

The Observer XT is the most ideal tool to annotate the behaviors of your subjects in your observations. The GOLD standard for behavioral coding has been updated and has new features to offer.

What's new in The Observer XT 17

The release of version 17 offers new improvements, which will provide a greater ease of use:

The Observer XT is the most complete software for behavioral research. Supporting you from coding behaviors on a timeline and unraveling the sequence of events to integrating different data modalities in a complete lab.

  • Code behaviors in a quantitative way and visualize them on a timeline

  • Automatically synchronize multiple data streams

  • Calculate statistics and assess reliability


Innovative visualization of events while coding

A visualization of the encoded behaviors now appears alongside the known, already existing event log, which is updated as you score. You see the events "emerge and grow." This makes coding visually more attractive and transparent if, for example, you score an observation several times. In addition, dyadic and triadic interactions can be distinguished much better because subjects can be displayed side by side.


The Observer XT 17 Bitbrain Diadem

Integration with Bitbrain EEG Diadem device now possible 

The combination of The Observer XT and the wearable dry-EEG headset of Bitbrain allows researchers to synchronize behavioral observations with neural data, enabling practical applications such as cognitive load assessment, user experience studies, neuromarketing research, and more. The practical hardware is comfortable, fast and simple, and reliable.


Other improvements 

  • When starting a new project, a dialog box appears explaining the data transparency policy. This is a reminder for the experiment leader to ask participants for permission. 
  • When a smartphone was used to record a video, the resulting file to import into The Observer XT can often be rotated. Now, The Observer XT can properly display these rotated videos. 
  • Another handy feature for the user is that The Observer XT can be activated without a connection to the internet.
What's new in The Observer XT

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