The Observer XT

New in the latest release

What's new in the latest release

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Improved integration with BIOPAC AcqKnowledge, Tobii Pro Lab, and E-Prime

Synchronization is the key to understanding behavior patterns. The Observer XT supports the entire workflow of your project. As a result, you will be able to make all the necessary preparations to collect rich and meaningful data. You get complete insight into the relationships between behavioral data and physiological responses, eye tracking data, and qualitative metrics, because time information is continuously exchanged between The Observer XT and various data acquisition systems of your choice. BIOPAC AcqKnowledge can be started and stopped from The Observer XT and data is transferred automatically to The Observer XT. Tobii Pro Studio can be started and stopped from The Observer XT. The Observer XT can start/stop E-prime 3.0 projects, which then sends the collected data to The Observer XT instantly after the session.


FaceReader Girl Music Headphones Listening

Seamless integration with FaceReader

FaceReader, the tool to automatically detect facial expressions, is now even better integrated with The Observer XT. You can start and stop recording from The Observer XT, and after recording the videos and facial states appear automatically in your project in The Observer XT.


Code behaviors accurately

The Observer XT is designed to reduce the amount of work and simplify behavioral coding. You can record subjects, behaviors, and modifiers by typing shortcut key codes, allowing you to keep your eyes on the scene, while coding at great speed. The time of each code is recorded automatically and errors are prevented by an on-line check. Up to 1024 characters per event can be used to comment on behaviors or write down notes. Text is presented in the event log and in a separate window.

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The Observer XT screenshot data analysis profiles

Sophisticated data selection

You can build elaborate filters based on combinations of independent variables, behaviors, physiological data, and time criteria, such as behaviors being active, or select subjects by independent variable. All data in the project is available for analysis at all times.

  • Extract only the relevant bits for each research question.
  • Filter out the relevant data with the powerful and intuitive graphical data selection tool.
  • Select events based on their duration.
  • Analyze large groups of observations at once, saving a tremendous amount of time.
  • Copy data profiles. Easily copy-paste the same selection boxes for male subjects as you had already designed for female subjects.