The Observer XT

Software Development Kit

How to connect custom software components and data interfaces

Have you heard about The Observer XT SDK? It is a comprehensive documentation package for connecting custom software components and data interfaces. It helps you develop your own add-ons and interfaces. A SDK is available free of charge for developers who want to build their own modules or interfaces with other systems.

The Observer XT contains a mechanism for executing other applications. One of these actions is ‘start observation’. You can thus command an external application of your choice, for example, a light switch, to react to this action in The Observer XT software. Another example would be a plug-in which imports the presses of a button simultaneously with your observer data in The Observer XT.

Plug-in mechanisms in The Observer XT which are already available are:

  • Export time-stamp – sends out time stamps from The Observer XT to an application of your choice: for example, to view behaviors in combination with a visualization of the spine (watch video).
  • Bidirectional time-stamp – sends and receives time stamps. Therefore, when the plug-in viewer is manipulated, The Observer XT display of video, audio, or physiological data will also move to the chosen position in the observation, and of course, the opposite as well.
  • Numerical export – sends out numerical modifiers and physiological data from The Observer XT to an application of your choice real-time or offline. For example, numerical data such as speed or heart rate can be converted in another application to a green-orange-red scale. This scale is sometimes easier to use than a numerical data view.
  • Numerical data import – receives streams of physiological data from applications such as BioPac software.
  • Event data import – receives streams of behaviors, actions, and other data from an application of your choice, such as E-Prime (see screenshot below). Recently, the SDK was used in a project where partners together built on a forensic observational lab. Temperature data, number of subjects, and location data were imported. In this illustration you can see The Observer XT software where all other data was synchronized for the forensic researchers to look at.
Eprime screenshot The Observer XT

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Interested? Please contact us! The SDK is available free of charge from Noldus for customers who use version 7.0 (or higher) with the Media Module. It contains documentation, code examples, and working plug-ins. You can also benefit from our experience and hire a consultant! Our consultants and engineers are more than happy to work with you in order to create the perfect custom solution for you.