FaceReader - Paris Games Week 2016

The Paris Games Week, or more commonly called 'PGW' is a French trade show dedicated to video games and its derivatives. This year FaceReader was used to analyze gamers facial expressions in a simulator.

FaceReader™  is the premier professional software for automatic analysis of the basic facial expressions (happy, sad, scared, disgusted, surprised, angry, neutral, and contempt).

Eye-tracking, facial expressions were analyzed while the driver was driving. When driving fast, a ventilator across the wheel would blow wind in their hair to enhance the feeling of speed and the driver’s wheel would shake.

What will be next? The simulator data will be used to compare each participant to the average participant, to know not only if they had a better score and overpassed more people than the average driver, but also if they can dream of being the next Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel, or Lewis Hamilton.