AHCODA™ is a data analysis service, developed by Sylics, that converts your raw EthoVision XT tracking data from PhenoTyper home cage tests into readily interpretable data sets. It is a standardized, practical and rapid solution for the analysis of complex behavioral data sets into meaningful results. AHCODA is available as a cloud-based service on a Pay-Per-Use basis, and as a complete solution through Noldus IT. 

How does it work?

Data that is collected during home cage testing contains a wealth of information, and processing this data can be complex and time-consuming. AHCODA is specialized software that rapidly processes, quality checks, analyzes, and visualizes your data. You upload your data to a central server using AHCODA-CloudConnect and the next day it will be visualized on your private website, with statistics and visuals ready for publication.

Click here to view a sample website.

What is AHCODA used for?

AHCODA automatically analyzes automated home cage data and allows you to compare all the data sets that you acquired in the past. It is particularly suited for the integral analysis of a number of behavioral parameters with the aim to detect behavioral effects induced by genetic mutations, chemical compounds, and environmental manipulations. AHCODA is compatible with a series of optimized tests to assess cognition, anxiety, activity, motor function, circadian rhythm, habituation, and feeding.

Why you should use it in your research

  • A great tool for the analysis and interpretation of automated behavioral screening data
  • Standardized, reproducible, and cost-effective solution (minimal initial investment)
  • Built on a decade of experience and constantly extended with new analysis options

Koopmans, B.; Smit, A.B.; Verhage, M.; Loos, M. (2017). AHCODA-DB: a data repository with webbased mining tools for the analysis of automated high-content mouse phenomics data. BMC Bioinformatics, 18, 200.