PhenoTyper and optogenetic stimulation

Optogenetics is an important development for behavioral research. PhenoTyper is very suitable for optogenetics studies, also when you want to observe over a long time period. The behavioral changes of your animal during or after  the optogenetic stimuli can be investigated automatically with EthoVision XT tracking and analysis software. But there is more. With the Trial & Hardware Control Module you can control the Optogenetics stimulation device automatically. You can switch the device on and off at a certain time. But, you can also switch it on and off when your animal shows a certain behavior. For example when it starts  drinking, or when it enters a zone in your test arena.

When you also have the Social Interaction Module you can apply a stimulus when your animal approaches another one, or when they show cooperative behavior. And when you extend your PhenoTyper setup with EthoVision XT’s Multiple Body Points Module, you can include the orientation of your animals in your test protocol as well, for example to apply a stimulus when one animal’s nose point is near the tail base of the other one.

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