PhenoTyper top unit

The instrumented top unit contains an infrared sensitive camera with three arrays of infrared LED lights. That way, video recording and analysis is fully independent from ambient light conditions in the facility where the PhenoTyper cages are located. This also offers the opportunity to adjust those light conditions experimentally to e.g. create a day/night cycle with PhenoTyper home cages.

The top unit also contains a house light and a single tone for operant conditioning tests. In addition, an aversive white spot light is present to create a light-dark gradient inside the PhenoTyper cage for approach-avoidance behavior testing.


Video output   CCIR black/white Vpp-75 Ohm (PAL) or EIA black/white Vpp-75 Ohm (NTSC)
Infrared lighting 3 integrated IR arrays through diffuser
Audio stimulus Frequency ~2300 Hz; level ~70 dB
House light 590 nm
White spotlight  5500ºK color temperature; level 0-1000 lux
Power supply 24 VDC-15W