Studying Human Factors on-site

Noldus systems are designed to offer you enhanced quality and increased productivity. If you really want to know what happens at the workplace, study it on-site using our Portable Usability Lab. You can make screen captures, record video, score tasks, usability hits, and context details.


uASQ is the new questionnaire tool: a great asset to The Observer XT. It can easily be integrated in a Portable Usability Lab and enables you to ask your test participant three different types of questions during a live observation: open ended, multiple choice, and Likert scale. Questions appear on the test participant’s computer. You can trigger the questions manually or they can be sent at fixed moments after the start of the observation. The questionnaire can be repeated several times during the test. This new and extremely handy research tool is ideal to use in a usability lab.

Screen capture device

With the screen capture device, you can easily follow what your test participant is doing on his computer. This device has a high frame rate and provides you with high quality images of the screen at which the test participant is looking. The device is plugged into the test pc to capture the image on the screen. This image is recorded with MediaRecorder along with the video. After recording with MediaRecorder, you can import the video of the test participant in The Observer XT and see all the different elements on the same timeline. In The Observer XT you can code behaviors and create a video highlight clip.