One of the problems older adults face at work is adapting to a changing working environment. This comes from many factors including new computer interfaces, new devices, new procedures and new markets. If the employees don’t adapt well this can lead to demotivation, low productivity and making mistakes, putting patients at risk.

LetItFlow combines solving the problems of change management in companies and workflow technologies for older nurses by supplying real-time context-aware tools for guiding them in their daily tasks.

Fixed and mobile IT platforms interact with the nurses to guide them in their work. Different human-computer interfaces are being assessed (tactile, voice, text, multimedia, augmented reality, etc), using a variety of platforms such as PCs, smartphones and smart watches. The tool monitors the nurses and guides them appropriately, and also also enables cooperation with other colleagues.

Role of Noldus

Noldus’ main task in the LetItFlow project is developing a behavioral observation system, using The Observer XT as a platform which enables accurate coding of the activities and status of the nurses. We also participate in the development of the system which provides the nurses with the context-sensitive information that they need.



The project is funded by the Ambient Assisted Living program of the European Union, project number 32 060 0003.

Project partners

  • Integrasys SA (project leader), Spain
  • Noldus Information Technology, The Netherlands
  • Center for Usability Research and Engineering (CURE), Austria
  • SIVECO Romania SA
  • University Municipal Hospital, Bucharest, Romania
  • Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena, Spain

More information

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