The technical development of autonomous cars is proceeding at a fast pace and this raises important questions about the role of the 'drivers' of those vehicles. As their role changes from actively driving more to monitoring, how can we ensure that it is still safe on our roads? Prautocol investigates the role of testing and certification of both the car and the operator in autonomous cars.

Role of Noldus

In this project, Noldus will further develop its tools for measuring the behaviors of drivers, especially with regard to quantifying stress and mental workload. 


The partners in this project include:

    • 2Getthere
    • AGV International
    • AON
    • AutomotiveNL
    • Baesis
    • CBR
    • Beijer Automotive
    • Green Dino
    • HAN AR
    • HAN IT en Media
    • Hogeschool van Rotterdam
    • Leibniz Center for Law
    • Nobleo
    • Noldus
    • TASS International
    • Technolution
    • Provincie Gelderland
    • RDW
    • Ricardo
    • RWS
    • SWOV
    • University of Twente
    • V-Tron


    This project is funded by the project partners and theTaskforce for Applied Research (SiA) from The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).



    More information

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