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Many people are fascinated by human behavior. Why do we act the way we do? How is our behavior influenced? To measure human behavior, all kinds of research instruments are at our disposal. We can use them for qualitative and quantitative research. An important part of studying human behavior is performing observations, for example using video recordings, physiological measurements, and facial expression analysis.

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Human behavior research


Applications for developmental psychology
Developmental psychology

Capture how infants interact socially and how their learning behaviors develop.

Applications for parent-child interaction
Parent-child interaction

Interaction between children and their parents is a classical study object in developmental psychology, pediatrics, and child psychiatry.

Applications for mental disorders research
Mental disorders research

Research on mental disorders is vital to improve early diagnosis and treatment. Learn more about our solutions for mental disorders research.

Applications for neuroscience research
Neuroscience research

Researchers in this field aim to understand the brain mechanisms supporting cognitive and social behavior in humans.

Applications for data integration and visualization
Data integration & visualization

Data integration and visualization is vital in multimodal research.

Applications for Behavioral Coding & Analysis
Behavioral Coding & Analysis

Easily code behavior, start and stop recordings, and automatically import video, audio, eye tracking, physiology, and emotions.

Applications for emotion analysis
Emotion analysis

Many researchers have turned towards using automated facial expression analysis software to better provide an objective assessment of emotions.

Applications for FACS research
Facial action coding system (FACS)

The Facial Action Coding System provides a technique for the reliable coding and analysis of facial movements and expressions.

Applications for spatial behavior research
Spatial behavior research

Quantify spatial behavior and gain insights into consumer behavior, place-preference, social interactions, and many more parameters.

Applications for Lab set-ups
Lab set-ups

For unobtrusive and objective observation and analysis of human behavior.

A selection

Our products

  The Observer XT

The Observer XT

Supporting you from coding behaviors on a timeline and unraveling the sequence of events to integrating different data modalities in a complete lab.



To gain accurate and reliable data about facial expressions, FaceReader is the most robust automated system that will help you out.



Viso is the easy-to-use solution for creating video and audio recordings in order to capture behaviors and interactions of your participants.



From portable and stationary labs for observation and analysis of human behavior to high-tech turn-key usability labs: Noldus can deliver. Integrated labs; designed with you and built by us.



NoldusHub is the all-in-one research platform for human behavior studies. This software suite will streamline multimodal research from start...

  Eye tracking

Eye tracking

Eye trackers add substantial power to your lab set-up. They produce gaze path video and large quantities of rich data, all related to attention and emotion. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge.

Customer quote

"The Observer is a crucial component of our research. It allows us to analyze data with the level of efficiency, detail, accuracy, and precision that's required for behavior analysis in psychological research."

Mrs. B. Gamber|University of Texas, USA


Our research solutions

With Noldus, you can work smarter, gain better insights from your behavioral analysis, and experience seamless data integration. Find out more about the possibilities for your research.


Customer success story

At Delaware Valley University the counseling psychology team created a state-of-the-art training facility for their Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology program. Skill-based courses are highly interactive and held in the lab, where students role-play, practice, and learn through hands-on experience. Practice sessions can be observed, recorded and reviewed to provide authentic feedback and growth opportunities.


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Blog post: How to study human behavior

Everyone is unique; everyone behaves differently. What is more fun than sitting somewhere - on a park bench, at the beach, or on a terrace, and watch people go by? Postures, movements, nonverbal and verbal behavior - all can be observed.

In this blog post, we describe several behavioral theories, as well as different ways to measure human behavior. Also, we discuss research fields in which human behavior plays a central role.

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