Research projects - Human behavior

Noldus plays an active role in several leading research projects around the world. Our preferred role is that of a technology partner: we develop tools and methods, and the researchers use and validate them. This way we contribute to scientific progress. At the same time, the projects give us an opportunity to develop relevant new technologies - not only for today's mainstream use but also for tomorrow's needs. If you are setting up a research project and think that Noldus could be a partner in the consortium, please contact us.

Current projects

ACROSSING ACROSSING ACROSSING is a multi-disciplinary research project developing new technologies for use in smart homes.

AIMS-2-TRIALS In this project, the partners will make substantial leaps in understanding the underlying mechanisms of autism and developing treatments for it.  Noldus will develop a smart baby suit which measures the activities of babies at risk of autism.
BCI Field Lab BCI Field Lab In this field lab project, the partners will develop innovative new technologies related to brain-computer-interaction (BCI). The development will be centered around three use cases: Mental workload, Interactive screen and Human-machine interaction .
Brainview BRAINVIEW This Horizon 2020 project is about creating an integrated view on disruptions of early brain development.
Topsecor Agri&Food Breaking habits for the better

In this project, the partners experimentally research the fundamental scientific understanding of consumers’ food habits and choice behavior and develop new tools and methods to enable that.


Citius Altius Sanius Citius Altius Sanius means faster, higher, healthier and this project will focus research into new technologies which can help prevent sports injuries.
Coach Assist Coach Assist Using beyond state-of-the-art techniques for sensing and tracking of athlete's position, movement and physiology, combined with new sensor fusion and analysis software, we will bring a ground-breaking solution onto the market to give actionable insights into the performance and quality team.
DAISY DAISY-2 In this project, a radically new type of radar technology is being developed. Noldus will test its applicability as a tracking technology for behavioral data in a number of situations, such as consumer behavior and people-tracking in which its guarantee of anonymity will be of benefit.
eNHANCE eNHANCE This Horizon 2002 project develops technology to detect the intention of a user of a prosthetic limb, so that the limb can carry out the user's wishes more effectively.

E-Watch eWatch This project will develop the next generation of wrist-worn wearable devices which will be able to measure physiology much more accurately and with more parameters than currently possible. Noldus will develop a software platform for researchers using these devices and validate a number of research use cases.
Food&Cognition FOOD & COGNITION In this regional project, the partners will establish a cluster network for exchange of knowledge and information related to the topic of food and cognition.


Food Friend The partners in this project will develop innovative tools and methods for measuring food intake of people in a variety of different situations.



This INTERREG project will work on various aspects of cross-border automated transport including truck platooning, automated cars (WEpods) and parcel delivery. Human factors (how do passengers and other road users react to and experience the automated vehicles) is an important aspect.


VIBE In this project about medical simulation and training, Noldus will develop tools for measuring human behavior in virtual environment.

Recently completed projects

Cognitive Village (CogAge) Cognitive Village Cognitive Village (CogAge) was a German project in which new human-centred, mobile and dynamic technology are being developed to assist older people in a rural village.
FOODCOST project FOODCOST This ERASMUS Plus project aimed to modernize and improve university education in the field of food production, food quality and consumer studies through synergistic effects of international cooperation, transfer of innovations and creation of new values in the project consortium of 10 partners in 9 countries.
iCARE iCARE Improving Children's Auditory REhabilitation (iCARE) was an ITN training project focussing on improving the communication of children with a hearing impairment in which Noldus developed a tool to automate measuring communication.

DriveLab for Health DriveLab for Health Development of a system for measuring key aspects of a drivers' performance in rehabilitation studies.

MIND In the Medical Innovation Netherlands - Germany project, we developed technology for smart devices to aid Parkinsons' patients.
Miraculous Life Miraculous Life The aim of the Miraculous-Life project was to develop an innovative user-centric technological solution, the Virtual Support Partner, attending to an older person in his or her daily needs.


Virtual Emotion Reader This project developed a new system for measuring consumer choice behaviour, including emotions whilst the subjects are eating.
SportsConnected2Society SportsConnected2Society The performance of sportspeople is increasingly measured with a variety of digital devices.  In this project, the companies producing those devices cooperated together to enable integration of the various data streams, so that sports scientists and coaches can get a more complete picture.