Consulting services

Sometimes, you need a little more than the professional technical support you are entitled to when you purchase a Service Contract. More help designing your research, for example, or setting up your lab or training your staff. Our consultants all have academic backgrounds, and most have a Ph.D. in behavioral sciences. They are trained to help you set up your research in many different ways.

Consultancy projects

Our consultancy services help you perform your research in the best possible way, getting you objective and high-quality results while saving you time and money. We offer a wide range of services, for example:

  • A feasibility study helps you to make the right investment. We investigate how your study will benefit from a Noldus solution, and which components are needed to find the answers to your research questions.
  • Project configuration helps you set up your research with EthoVision XT, The Observer XT, or CatWalk XT. We help you identify the relevant categories and structure your project in such a way that your research can be executed in the most efficient manner. Of course, we can also analyze your data. For example, our consultants can analyze your video material with EthoVision XT tracking software.
  • Our coding services offer a good alternative to scoring your work by yourself. Noldus has experts in both human and animal behavior research to help you out.
  • The Sequence Analysis Tool (SAT) is an Excel macro, a free addition to EthoVision XT, that allows you to perform advanced analysis with your EthoVision XT data. We can define this macro for you with our sequence analysis services, or help you use it for your specific research.
  • We can also build a custom Excel macro to fit your research needs. For example, it might be important to monitor how much the animal contracts or stretches its body and how much either the front part of the body  or the hind part contributes. We can develop a macro that calculates this relative contribution.
  • Trial & Hardware Control protocol services offer you complete automation of your research, saving you time and money and enhancing the validity of your results. It lets you control external equipment  and define protocols for this control in EthoVision XT. We offer help, by building a protocol for you, or helping you in the process. We can even help you pick out the right software and instruments for your solution.
  • Training will help you and your colleagues learn all there is to know about your Noldus product so that you can use it in the most efficient way. Whether you are an experienced or novice user, whether you need some general training or more specific consultancy; we offer dedicated training courses for your research application.
  • Technical assistance can help you get started, or help you along the way if you run into technical issues.
  • If you are working under the regulations of Good Laboratory Practice we can assist you in setting up your system accordingly.

All of our services are offered in combination with all Noldus products, whether you bought a system or rented it.

Custom solutions

Noldus solutions are very flexible and have been designed to meet a wide variety of research demands. We take care of selecting and integrating the optimal combination of hardware, software, and services, creating a solution that suits your specific application. If you are looking for more, our consultants and engineers are more than happy to work with you in order to create the perfect custom solution. If you want to exchange ideas about your specific research demands, don’t hesitate to contact our sales department to learn what is possible with our custom solutions.