EthoVision XT SAT - sequence analysis services

The Sequence Analysis Tool (SAT) is an Excel macro that allows you to perform advanced analysis on your EthoVision XT data. It is a free add-on included on the EthoVision XT installation disk. Need help in using it for your specific research? Noldus offers training and consultancy to tailor the SAT to your needs.

Investigate patterns of zone transitions

Zone transitions are movements of your animal from one part of your testing area to another. These transitions are very useful, especially in learning and memory tests. Think of a radial arm maze or Y-maze; an arm entry is basically a zone transition from the center to an arm. Of course EthoVision XT allows you to perform basic analysis of zone transitions. If you want to take this analysis to the next level and investigate certain patterns in the arm entries, the SAT is what you need. 

Sequence analysis

The SAT allows you to study sequences of arm visits in detail, from simple two-way transitions to very complex sequences or series of unique entries in the radial arm maze. For example: you can define a specific sequence of arm visits and count the number of times it occurred during the test, or how much time it took the animal.

Furthermore, you can analyze transitions between different states of individual behaviors, such as:

  • Movement – analyze transitions between moving and not moving.
  • Mobility analyze transitions between immobile, mobile and highly mobile.

Easy import to The Observer XT 

The SAT macro is also an excellent tool if you want to analyze your state events (behaviors) you have scored with EthoVision XT in The Observer XT.  You can use the SAT macro to export arm visits or state behaviors as event data and import them into The Observer XT to combine them with your manually scored data, perform analysis, and visualize your data.


Of course we don’t just offer the macro. If you need help using it, or in formulating what you actually want to analyze in these sequences, we can help you out with training and consultancy. Contact us for more information!