Coding services

Often, videos are an essential source of information in observational studies. After recording the videos, the scoring of behaviors can begin. In many projects, due to the sheer volume of work, the coding is shared between colleagues. However, that is not always the most efficient use of time. A good alternative is outsourcing the coding work to experienced, professional coders. 

At your service!

Even with The Observer XT software, scoring behaviors can be time consuming. Of course, the coding work has to be done to high standards which is why you can trust us to provide you with accurately scored behaviors from your videos, performed by our fully trained professional coders, experts in both human and animal behavior research. We make the outsourcing of video coding possible in an efficient and reliable way.

Which behaviors to focus on

When analyzing behaviors, developing a suitable coding scheme is one of the first steps to understanding behavior. Often, the development includes describing all behaviors you want to focus on. An accurate description ensures that coders agree on which behaviors are displayed. Create your coding scheme and provide it to our professional coders, or assign that task to our consultants who have many years of experience in setting up behavioral research.

Rely on our experience

Coding many hours of video can be a challenge. Noldus has the experience and expertise to support you in this phase of your research project. Noldus has provided accurate and precise reports to several international Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies which allowed them to make the best decisions about future product development. We have also worked on several coding projects with a few large international advertising agencies.They needed their commercials checked: are they engaging? Which scene triggered a laugh? Do men laugh more often than women? As agencies often have several projects going on at once Noldus handled the project management and delivered the results before deadline. The agency received an in-depth report of the analyzed videos which helped to determine the next step in the advertising campaign.

Broad range consulting services

In addition to video coding, we offer consultancy in developing a coding scheme, video recording, data analysis, and reporting. Contact us for a list of references, including an overview of all our successfully completed projects.