User documentation

When you buy a product from Noldus, it comes complete with a very extensive set of user documentation. You can think of reference manuals, quick start guides, technical notes, and video tutorials. All documentation is also available through the download section of this website. Simply log on with your license number, and choose your product from the left menu to view the available downloads. 

Reference manual and Quick start guides

The functionality is described in detail in the reference manual. This is supplied as a PDF file. If you don't require that level of detail, we also offer Quick Start Guides which provide a concise overview of how to use the program, and in addition a document with very high level overview in just a couple of pages. The Quick Start Guides are translated in up to seven languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese.

Video tutorials and technical notes

Many of the products now also have a video tutorial, which guides you through the main steps. Some information that we want to make available is too technical or specialistic to be included in the reference manual, and is therefore provided in the form of technical notes.

Sample projects

We realize that if you want to learn how to use a software program, there is no substitute for hands-on experience. For that reason, we also provide a wide range of sample projects. Sample projects contain video material of a variety of different subjects together with projects or experiments from the Noldus software. These are mostly based on actual published research. Many of the sample projects also have a special version of the Quick Start Guide explaining how to use the software for the particular application of that sample project.


All documentation is available on the installation CD/DVD or for download here. You can log on with your license number and then choose the product from the menu on the left. You can also find a lot of additional technical information in the Technical Support Knowledgebase and the ‘Known problems and solutions’ section for each product.

Custom documentation

You can order customized documentation, for instance together with a custom-designed observational lab. These manuals are written especially for your individual needs, describing how the entire system can be used for your research.

Professional writers

All our documentation is written by professional documentation specialists who have PhDs in behavioral research. The writers are also experienced trainers, so the text of the manuals is based on personal experience of how new users learn to use the products. Needless to say, the writers also create extensive training material which is provided to you when you order a training course.

Continuous improvement

All the documentation is continually improved, based on feedback from customers; both informal comments and formal surveys. Every time we make a new release the documentation is reviewed to see if we can make it better. We are proud of the quality and comprehensiveness of our user documentation and strive hard to maintain that standard.