Coder Licenses

A Coder License is the ideal solution for when you need to work with several people on one research project. Several observers can work on a project at the same time using The Observer XT Coder License, which allows for coding and visualization only. After all behaviors are coded, you can collect the observations in your main project with a full license of The Observer XT and perform data selection, visualization, and analysis.


  • Cost-effective.
  • Work together on a research project. 
  • Save time and resources.
  • Score behavior live on the spot.
  • Use the read-only project to score pre-recorded video.
  • Maintain control of the collected data.

One full The Observer XT license

Coder Licenses can be used in any situation where one study supervisor builds a project and the coding work is done by others. The Observer XT Coder Licenses are thus always used in combination with at least one full license of The Observer XT. This license is needed to do the project set-up, extensive analysis, and to combine the datasets.

With or without video

There are two versions available: The Observer XT Coder License with video or without video. The latter is ideal for live coding. The Coder License with video can only be used in combination with a full license of The Observer XT with Media Module.

Set up

Set up your project in The Observer XT and designate if you want to code a subject continuously or instantaneously in your coding scheme. You can then save your project set up as a template. The coding scheme and coding scheme settings cannot be adjusted with a Coder License. This way it is ensured that all observers work with exactly the same set up.

Reliability analysis

After coding is completed, all observers can deliver their work to the study supervisor. You can simply upload all the different observations in one project and see how the different observers have annotated the behaviors. In collaborative projects, it is vital to avoid observer bias. The software reports Cohen’s Kappa, along with a listing of agreements and disagreements.