Educational License

The Observer XT  supports the Site License functionality. This functionality makes the software more versatile! A hardware key is no longer needed. You can easily use the software throughout a department, a building, and even around the campus.

What’s included?

The educational license constists of:

  • The Observer XT
  • Multi Media Module (playback an unlimited number of video/audio files at the same time)
  • Advanced Analysis Module (enables you to do a reliability analysis and a lag sequential analysis)
  • 10 or more video Coder Licenses

Educational Licenses

Students learn how to use methods and techniques to observe and analyze behavior. Using the Educational License allows the educator to make use of at least 10 up to an unlimited number of licenses. This type of license sharing is efficient and cost effective.


The Educational License offers a number of significant benefits because of its focus on easy use, flexibility and efficiency.

  • No hardware key needed
  • Login at any time
  • Login anywhere in the building or on the campus, without needing another hardware key
  • Work together on a project
  • Teach the ins and outs of observing and analyzing behavior