What's new?

With version 13.0 of The Observer XT, we focus on ease of use, flexibility, and efficiency!

Floating Site License for researchers

The Floating Site License functionality makes the software of The Observer XT much more versatile! A hardware key is no longer needed. Researchers can easily use the software throughout a department,  a building, around the campus, and even from home. Work together on a project, using the Floating Site License, so you can share the use of The Observer XT with a flexible amount of users. There are two versions of the site license for researchers:

  1. Basic license – allows video coding and basic coding
  2. Research license – allows the use of the full power of The Observer XT, including use of multiple video and external data analysis.

Educational license

Students learn how to use methods and techniques to observe and analyze behavior. Using the Educational License allows the educator to make use of at least 10 licenses which can be extended to an unlimited number of licenses. It lets students work with The Observer XT, while the teacher collects all the student files, analysis the results and can compare the inter rater coding. This type of license sharing is efficient and cost effective.


Code behaviors accurately

The Observer XT is designed to reduce the amount of work and simplify behavioral coding. You can record subjects, behaviors, and modifiers by typing shortcut key codes, allowing you to keep your eyes on the scene, while coding at great speed. The time of each code is recorded automatically and errors are prevented by an on-line check.

Perfect combinations

The key to synchronization is integration

Files recorded with the Media Recorder can be used in The Observer XT making it a fully integrated package. Once you have set up a project in The Observer XT, all data and video material are stored in one database and shown in one software application. It gives you complete control over video, and guarantees a frame accurate link with your data.

Full integration with Noldus’ Viso

Together, Viso® and The Observer XT make a powerful combination. Viso is the user-friendly software suite for audio and video recording, annotation, and debriefing. At the click of a button, markers, comments, videos, and audio recorded in Viso can easily be imported into The Observer XT for more detailed analysis, visualization, and presentation. In this way, turn your qualitative data into quantitative results!

Using FaceReader with The Observer XT

The analytical powers of The Observer XT can easily be used on data from FaceReader™, the premier professional software for automatic analysis of 6 basic facial expressions as well as classifying neutral and contempt. Importing data acquired with FaceReader into The Observer XT, offers a unique solution for synchronization, integration, and analysis of FaceReader data with other data, including but not limited to physiological data, screen captures, and eye tracking data.

Eye tracking and TrackLab

Data from other recording devices, e.g. TrackLab, Eye trackers, and physiological measurement instruments can easily be integrated in The Observer XT. Eye trackers produce gaze path video and large quantities of rich data, all related to attention and emotion, while TrackLab is ideal for recognition and analysis of spatial behavior and the design of interactive systems.

Data analysis

The Observer XT: sophisticated data selection, clear visualization of data, powerful data analysis, versatile, and with many export and import functions.