TrackLab for outdoor tracking

Manual behavior observation in the outdoors can be impractical and very time consuming, especially due to environmental conditions.

Outdoor tracking solution

TrackLab offers solutions for both outdoor and indoor tracking. For close-range high accuracy outdoor tracking, you can use the UWB tracking system. For long range outdoor tracking in pastures or feedlots, TrackLab uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) locations of the animals. Using tags on the animals (e.g. collar-based tags), data is transferred in near real-time through a local, long range digital wireless communication network (LoRa).

Tracking data is stored on a server, and is accessible with TrackLab software to offer you insights in the comfort of your office.

GPS Tags

Outdoor animal location and activity is tracked using GPS tags and a U-blox SAM-M8Q receiver. In good conditions (open field, clear weather), this receiver has an accuracy of 2.5 meters. The tag battery is charged by a built-in solar panel.

GPS sampling rate

You can adjust the sampling frequency to your research aims, to a maximum of 1/3 Hz. For example, social behavior analysis typically requires a higher sampling rate than drinking behavior monitoring.

Depending on the selected sampling rate and sun exposure, the tag can work autonomously for long-term monitoring. Alternatively, you can periodically recharge the batteries.

TrackLab GPS antenna for outdoor tracking
This tag contains a GPS tracker to  collect animal location  data. 
TrackLab GPS tag and LoRa antenna for outdoor tracking
Data is transferred from a GPS tag to a LoRa antenna.

Future-proof tracking technology

In addition to sensors for tracking-based behavior assessment, the GPS tag is also equipped with an accelerometer sensor and Bluetooth interface.

We are currently prototyping accelerometer-based behavior detection with the use of machine-learning techniques. The GPS tag is ready to support the data acquisition when we release this add-on.

Integrated solution

The TrackLab outdoor tracking solution is provided as an integrated system, including all the equipment and software. It is a turnkey system, and includes on-site installation, calibration, testing, and training.

Data analysis

Find out about all about the versatile data visualization and analysis options in the TrackLab software.