Gathering data

TrackLab is the solution for research into behavior, welfare, and health of many different animal species such as livestock animals and companion animals. It is the versatile workbench for all your studies in both indoor and outdoor settings. Check out TrackLab's resources and upcoming features

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A fully integrated solution

We have integrated our TrackLab software with the sophisticated hardware tracking devices of renowned manufacturers. This is a turnkey solution, meaning that the TrackLab system includes integration of all equipment, on-site installation, and training.

By combining the manufacturers’ experience in making accurate and reliable real time location systems with Noldus’ 30 years of experience in developing software tools for behavioral research, we have created a solution that offers accurate tracking and versatile software for analysis and real time feedback.


Indoor and outdoor tracking

TrackLab comes with a highly accurate Ultra-Wideband (UWB) tracking system for indoor tracking and short range outdoor tracking, as well as a long-range GPS tracking solution for large outdoor settings.

The indoor tracking system can be applied in settings ranging from a controlled laboratory (up to Biosafety Level 4) to a real life barn environment. The outdoor tracking system can track animals in large pastures or feedlots.


Solutions for many animal species

For indoor tracking, we offer custom adapters available for tracking common livestock animals such as cattle, chicken, pigs, sheep, and goats. For outdoor tracking, our tag solutions are suitable for cattle, horses, and sheep. 

In addition to livestock, we provide tag solutions in other animal domains, such as companion animals and zoo animals. Our 3D printers are ready to produce custom adapters for your preferred animal species!

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Central data storage

The way TrackLab functions remains the same whether you are tracking indoors or outdoors, and regardless of the animal species and type of tag you use.

TrackLab sends the track data from one or multiple recording sites to your private cloud for central data storage. The server then processes the data and calculates the statistics for you to assess. This way, you can gain insights from the comfort of your office!


Easy-to-use software

With TrackLab, you can easily set up and manage your projects. Navigate the software from setup to recording and analysis intuitively and quickly. For security reasons, only the person with administrative rights  can control who has access to the TrackLab data.


Schedule your recordings

Start recording a session manually, or plan ahead of time using a calendar-based scheduling tool. This tool allows you to record data only during periods of interest, such as during feeding times. This way, gathering data supports a focused and efficient setup - recording - analysis workflow.


Live monitoring

TrackLab allows for the real-time location monitoring of your animals. The software visualizes the behavior of the animal, so you can immediately locate an animal that shows abnormal behavior or needs your attention.