What's new in TrackLab

Latest features

With TrackLab you easily collect spatial data and behavioral statistics and learn more about wayfinding and spatial utilization of your livestock. This turn-key solution is ideal for behavioral studies of livestock housed under varies conditions.

The new releases in TrackLab bring you more analysis options. 

  • Backup
  • Extended subject track visualization
  • Calculate button
  • Minimal distance moved filter
  • Subject renaming
  • Battery status indication tags
  • Group results 
  • Variable options


Users are now, next to raw data backup, also able to create a backup of their recorded TrackLab data.

Extended subject track visualization

It is now possible to prolong the tail length per hour, day, week, and month for a longer subject movement visualization. This is especially useful for location data which is recorded at a lower sample rate. For example, in wildlife tracking.


Calculate button

In previous version, the analysis results updated automatically when the start/end date and time from the toolbar were adjusted. Now the analysis results are only updated after selecting the Calculate button. This improves navigating through the selected analysis results.


Minimal distance moved filter

The minimal distance moved filter reduces small motions due to system noise and not the actual movements of subjects. It simply removes all smaller movements from a specified set threshold. The filter lowers the spatial resolution of the measurements. The signal that passes the filter is considered to be closer to reality.


Subject renaming

In the software you are now able to rename the tag ID's to any preferred name per recorded session.

Battery status indication tags

The live view shows you the battery status enabling you to recharge the tags when necessary.

Group results

It is now possible to see all analysis results per group. By combining variable levels you can now easily compare different groups you have created.

Variable options

The software allows you to create session and subject variables per recorded session so you are able to create different groups for analysis purposes.


TrackLab software releases

TrackLab 214 release