Qualified trainers

All our training courses are given by qualified trainers. The number of trainers present for any given course depends upon the size of your group. In this way, everyone gets the attention he or she deserves. The principal language used for our training courses is English. We also frequently organize courses in your own language, such as Spanish, German, Italian, French, Hungarian, Dutch, and Chinese. Please check with our sales department to learn in which languages training courses are offered.

Experts in behavioral research

To give you an idea of what you can expect from us, we would like to introduce a few experienced trainers and consultants who frequently give training courses, advice customers about research applications, or design and implement large integrated labs all over the world.

  • Dr. Fabrizio Grieco is a behavioral biologist and has extensive experience in the study of animal behavior. He published in several fields of research of behavioral ecology (see his publications). Since 2001 he is a behavioral research consultant. His expertise includes video analysis, sound recording and analysis, reliability analysis of observational data, statistics, and video tracking in 3D. Fabrizio's Linked-In profile.
  • Dr. Leanne Loijens has a background in behavioral neuroscience. After obtaining her Ph.D. degree she worked as a researcher at the University Medical Center Utrecht (The Netherlands). In 2003 she started at Noldus Information Technology as a documentation specialist and trainer and is now a behavioral research consultant. She was the project leader of the Inside Consumer Experience project (www.ice-project.org), one of the research projects in which Noldus is involved. Dr. Loijens has extensive experience in giving trainings both in the field of human and animal behavior research. Leanne's Linked-In profile.
  • Dr. Andrew Spink is one of Noldus’ most experienced trainers and has instructed scientists in the use of Noldus’ tools for behavioral research in many different countries and for many different applications. He is a senior consultant for Noldus Innovation Works. Before joining Noldus he had extensive experience of carrying out research in several countries including England, Scotland, The Netherlands, and the United States. Andrew's Linked-In profile.
  • Dr. Patrick Zimmerman is a behavioral biologist with extensive experience in the study of animal learning, behavior, and welfare. He obtained his PhD at Wageningen University (The Netherlands) after which he moved to the UK to work as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Bristol. Since 2005 he is a documentation specialist and trainer at Noldus Information Technology. His expertise includes behavior analysis, integration of behavioral and physiological data, and gait analysis in rodents. Patrick's Linked-In profile.
  • Dr. Olga Krips is a behavioral ecologist and is specialized in entomology. She obtained her PhD at Wageningen University (The Netherlands) in the field of sustainable pest management. She used both The Observer and EthoVision to study the behavior of the pest species and their natural enemies in great detail. Subsequently, she worked several years in communications. She joined Noldus in 2009 as a documentation specialist and is now a behavioral research consultant. She has extensive experience in didactics and gives trainings for both human and animal behavioral research. Olga's Linked-In profile.
  • Matt Feltenstein, Ph.D. born and raised in Mississippi, Matt received his graduate degree from the University of Mississippi in the laboratory of Ken Sufka developing and validating in vivo models of anxiety and depression.  In 2004, he carried out his Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Medical University of South Carolina in the lab of Ron See, focusing his attention to in vivo models of addiction and relapse, with a particular emphasis on sex differences.  Having been introduced there to EthoVision XT, Matt decided to test the waters outside academia, and joined the Noldus team in 2012 as a Regional Account Manager and Application Specialist.  Since that time, Matt has given dozens of trainings across North America, and in 2014 became the company’s sole Trainer for North America.  When he’s not traveling, he enjoys the beautiful state of Maryland, running, biking, working on his sailboat, spending time with his significant other, and experimenting with curing, smoking, pickling, and infusing in the kitchen.
  • Jason Rogers, Ph.D. originally from Indiana, Jason received his doctoral training under the tutelage of Ray Kesner at the University of Utah. Afterwards, he did his Postdoctoral Fellowship in translational models of drug relapse at the Medical University of South Carolina. It was there that Jason first began using EthoVision XT. In 2008, Jason left the Hallowed Halls of Academia to begin his career with Noldus as the first Application Specialist and full-time Trainer in North America. During his years in that role, Jason gave well over 200 product trainings across seven countries on four continents. In addition, he helped develop many of the training materials and courses used by the company today. Jason lives in Cincinnati and spends his free time running, biking, playing the drums, and keeping up with his significant other, daughter, and sheepdog.