Training courses

By taking a training course through Noldus, you can maximize the value of the software and system you have chosen so that it can benefit you and your organization even more. Noldus offers a wide range of training courses to assist everyone from the novice to the experienced user. We offer product training courses and methodology training courses in different languages and at different locations. See for yourself which training course suits you best.

Product training courses

We offer product training courses in which the main functionalities of our products are addressed. Whether you just purchased one of these products, are an experienced user wanting to refresh your skills, or just upgraded to the latest release of the software, our training courses will give you a greater return on your investment and help you get the most out of your Noldus system. When new colleagues or students join your department partway during a research project, they can also easily enroll in a training course and start working quickly and efficiently. During these courses, we can refresh your knowledge of the main functions of our products, such as EthoVision® XT, DanioVision™, The Observer® XT, CatWalk™ XT, and Theme™. Below you will find a description of the The Observer XT, EthoVision XT, and CatWalk XT training courses. To find out more about the other product training courses, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Observer XT product training course

This course takes one day and consists of two parts: general background and theory in the morning and a hands-on session in the afternoon. One of our experienced trainers will assist you at every stage of the training process, from the set-up of your experiment, to the integration of different data sources. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions during the entire session, and you are more than welcome to bring your own video material to work on. During this course you will start by creating a configuration for your own work. This is an essential step in using The Observer XT as it will enable you to create the right output and analysis after you have done the observation. Next you will learn how to use the observation module to your best advantage during your observations. After observing and scoring of the behaviors, the trainer will show you how to perform data analysis – selecting, grouping, and analyzing the data. Of course you will also learn how to create output with The Observer XT, such as reports, video highlight clips, and data exports.

EthoVision XT product training course

The EthoVision XT training course is similar to The Observer XT training course and also takes one day. It starts by showing you how you can use EthoVision XT to design your experiment; work with independent variables, pre-define an experimental protocol, and define behaviors for manual event scoring. You will also learn how to define the area or areas where you will be tracking your animal in by drawing arenas and zones onto your video image. Practical aspects such as optimal lighting are also discussed. Next is running an actual trial, using a live video feed or media files. Then your trainer will show you how you can visualize and analyze your data. The various statistical parameters are explained as well as the data filtering options. We also teach you how you can export data for use in other software packages such as SPSS or Microsoft Excel.

CatWalk XT product training course

This course takes one day and consists of a short introduction of how to work with the CatWalk XT system and a hands-on session for the remainder of the day. In the introductory session, one of our experienced trainers will demonstrate how to set up a CatWalk XT experiment and how to acquire and analyze data, using pre-recorded runs. In the hands-on session, you will set up your own experiment and acquire some runs, preferably with animals. Next, you will practice classifying the runs you recorded and together with our trainer you will have a look at the different parameters that are automatically calculated upon classification. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions about setting up an experiment, classifying runs, and analyzing the data throughout the day. Optionally, the trainer can install the CatWalk XT system for you, at the start of the training day.

Methodology training courses

Besides product training courses, we also provide courses focusing on behavioral methodology. The standard duration of a session is three days, extended or shortened courses can also be arranged. The course consists of core modules on experimental design, statistics, animal welfare, tools, etc., and is normally customized with exercises and case studies for a particular field of research, such as neuroscience or entomology.

Custom training courses

Together with you we can develop a training course, presentation materials, and manuals that are effective and uniquely designed to meet your needs. We will then adjust the content to your specific requests. For experienced users, we have developed a series of advanced training courses. These training courses are always customized to your individual needs. Mostly, they are a mixture of theory, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises. For example, The Observer XT advanced analysis course contains considerations of the effects of experimental design on analysis possibilities. It also goes into detail on data selection methods, such as combining criteria with AND/OR operators. Several types of analysis are discussed, such as the analysis of numerical modifiers, reliability analysis, and lag sequential analysis. Tips and tricks are given on data export to Microsoft Excel, SPSS, and other analysis packages. Finally, analysis of behavioral data in Theme is discussed. A similar outline can be drawn for the EthoVision XT advanced analysis course, including dependent variable parameters calculation and the fine-tuning of analysis settings using real-time feedback and the raw data file.