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Noldus systems are designed to offer you enhanced quality and increased productivity. At the core of a Usability Lab are video recording software, facial expression analysis software, and professional data integration and analysis software.

The Social Media Lab at the University of Louvain uses Noldus' software to integrate different data streams and set up experiments.

Video and audio recording in perfect sync

Our usability labs are completely customizable. Designed by you, built by us!

Audio and video recording system

With Viso you can create recordings of video, audio, and computer screens in multiple rooms at once. Record from up to four IP cameras per room.  When recording, you can set markers or add comments from any location. With dedicated user roles on four levels, you have complete control.

Viso is the multi-room, multi-video recording suite


MediaRecorder allows you to record video from multiple cameras and make screen recordings. It is compatible with a broad range of high-quality digital cameras based on today’s technologies, as well as analog systems. Videos from four cameras can be combined into one file, so you can inspect your entire setup in one view. It is also possible to display up to three small video images in one main video image (Picture in Picture). You can choose the position and size of the embedded video images within the primary video display.

Professional data integration and analysis software

Our usability labs are completely integrated. The video and audio recordings are synchronized with the automatic facial expression analysis and the events coded with The Observer XT. Learn more about The Observer XT, FaceReader, eye trackers, and physiological measurement systems.

The Observer XT

Due to The Observer® XT’s excellent integration facilities, we can arrange labs in such a way that all your devices work perfectly together. The Observer XT allows you to make synchronous multimodal recordings of screen captures, video, audio, mouse clicks, key presses, eye movements, physiological measurements, and more. When all your data has been integrated, The Observer XT allows you to search your data, so interesting segments are visible within seconds. As a result, you get complete insight into the relationships between the experimental conditions, overt behavior, and physiological responses.

With The Observer XT software you can analyze your video material offline, or make live data recordings of tasks, comments and usability issues.


Combine observational data with automatic recordings of FaceReader™. If you incorporate FaceReader into your lab, you will have the additional ability to record facial expressions automatically. 

Eye trackers and data acquisition systems

Data gathered with an eye tracker or data aquisition system can easily be visualized and analyzed in The Observer XT.  Eye trackers add substantial power to your lab set up. They produce gaze path video and large quantities of rich data, all related to attention and emotion. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge: as we often integrate eye trackers into lab as well as portable set-ups, we can help you find the eye tracker that works best for you. You can acquire physiological data, such as EEG, ECG, EMG, blood pressure, or skin conductance, with an external data acquisition system and bring all data streams together in The Observer XT for joint analysis. 

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