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Set markers to analyze the recording


Within Viso, mark events of interest and/or add comments for each subject during recording. When recording, you can mark with a simple click of a button events of interest per subject, or add comments. For each session, you can choose from any list of codes and annotate the desired behaviors. Videos with annotated markers and comments can be viewed both in real-time and after a session, from any location, which is ideal for post-session debriefing.

Making a codes list

Codes are created by the user to annotate each session. Subjects are persons in the video, under study. Subjects only need to be defined if multiple persons are observed at once, and you wish to annotate their individual behaviors. Markers are lists of desired behaviors to annotate during each session. For example, one marker could be “mistake” to note the moment when the trainee makes a mistake during the session.

By setting up to 36 markers and 36 subjects per codes list, Viso allows easy marking of action and reaction between participants. Did you forget a code? Subjects and markers can be added to the list even during recording sessions.

Easily set your markers


Events of interest appear both in the event log and in a graphical timeline. In this timeline, see at a glance what behaviors are annotated. What went right? Where are improvements needed? Browse through the video, synchronized to the timeline, and see exactly what happened. Use the filter option to select a particular person of interest or event. With the “next marker” button, move quickly through the timeline.

Playback and debrief

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