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Set the cameras as desired

Build the custom recording solution you need:

  1.   Decide on the number of rooms/locations you want to manage.
  2.   Select the number of cameras and/or screen capture devices per room.
  3.   Position cameras as desired.
  4.   Record from chosen locations with one mouse click.
  5.   Watch the recordings live from multiple locations independently.

Recording video, audio, and making screen captures

Up to four Pan-Tilt-Zoom Internet Protocol (IP) cameras can be recorded per room; each camera can have up to two PTZ presets programmed for different scenarios within that room. Viso allows remote start/stop recordings, as well as PTZ adjustments within the software, from any location with a Viso Recorder. In conjunction with camera recordings, screen capture can also occur, which provides a complete overview of the scenario.

Moreover, the complete integrated setup includes a professional microphone and speaker system that enables high quality audio recordings in sync with video.

Need to quickly intervene, or provide extra instructions during testing? Use the software’s push-to-talk button to communicate directly with trainees or colleagues in a recording room.

Remote viewing & control with Viso Web App

Start and stop recordings with Viso Web App, or view live video streams and review recorded sessions, from any location and on any device. This allows you to join sessions from outside of the Viso lab and to involve stakeholders, allowing them to join the session from their own desk.


Even via a smartphone or tablet, recordings can be controlled.
Start recording remotely

View live via your smartphone


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