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Debriefing is the process of sharing and discussing information after a training session, meeting, or other event. Debriefing sessions are important because they allow key players to figure out what worked well, what did not, and to share ideas for improvements. Questions such as “What happened?”, and “How effective were the skills that were used?” can be addressed.

Recorded videos enable you to provide feedback in a debriefing session, which is key to objective performance assessment. Moreover, with Viso, annotation of critical events can be done during the recording, or afterwards during the debriefing, providing further feedback to trainees.

Focus on feedback

An educator’s attention can be completely focused on the students’ behavior when attending a session in-person. However, when you’re working with a large number of students, it’s impossible to attend every session.

With Viso you can start and stop recordings independently across multiple rooms. This feature allows multiple groups of students to engage in training sessions at the same time.

Playback and discuss the highlights

The videos recorded in Viso are immediately available for debriefing, and the system is instantly ready to make new recordings. This makes for no downtime in between sessions – start a new session while you debrief on the previous session! With this functionality, you can use the system to its full capability.

With the playback interval functionality, you can define the number of seconds (delay) to start playing back the video before a marked event actually starts. Easily jump from event to event to see and discuss the highlights.

Debriefing a simulated counseling interview

Presentation view during debriefing

Educators can use the Presentation view to show recorded videos to their students on a different screen. In Presentation view, only videos are shown, not the timeline or the event table. This allows students to remain focused on the displayed videos, and not be distracted by annotated events, increasing their learning experience. Meanwhile, markers and comments are visible to the educator to assist in a proper debriefing session.

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